Product presentation

Polyester Staple Fiber is able to substitute virgin fibers and provides advanced solutions in a wide range of applications. 

We supply the textile industry, mainly for the nonwoven sector,  a wide range of products resulted from a controlled production process, using the latest technologies. 


  • Solid staple fibers in the range of 1.3 - 30 dtex , different colors: white (semi-dull, optical white in two shades, super-white) and colored (natural colors and dope dyed);
  • Hollow fibers between 6.7-13 dtex, normal and siliconized;
  • Hollow spiral siliconized (HCS) and non siliconized (including slick type) of 6.7-13 dtex, white or colored;

Our products are certified according to OEKOTEX Standard class 1 established for baby articles.

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